Border planters

The BORDA Border planters are flower planters without a base. Available in Corten steel and aluminium. The planters can also be combined with each other to create new shapes.

About Border Planters

Ideal for making beautiful border planters to place your plants in.

Available in various shapes. The elements are made of 1 piece and are therefore easy to place.

Tailor-made work

Would you like a border planter in a different size? Contact us for a customised quote.


  • Infinite possibilities
  • No special maintenance of the base
  • Combination of strength and durability
  • Corten steel fits perfectly in both modern and classic gardens
  • Ecological, as it is fully recyclable
  • Corten steel class A
  • UV- and frost-resistant

Tailor-made work

You can also contact Geroba for tailor-made borders.