Wooden Letterboxes

There is a choice of 3 wooden mailboxes. The Jaxu, Jakki and Recta.

The Jakki is a minimalist wooden mailbox with the dimensions 400x290x1025mm. The Jaxu is a wooden parcel post box with a digital lock. You can give the code when purchasing in the online shop. The courier receives it and leaves the parcel safely in the Jaxu mailbox.

The Recta stands out because of its slenderness.  The dimensions of this bus are 300x190x980mm. The opening is covered by a shelf that one can slide aside.

All Padouk mailboxes are coated with a UV-protective oil especially for outdoor use.

They are made of durable Padouk hardwood.

Prefer a different size?


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Product Length Width Height Thickness Kg
JakkiH1 400 290 1025 20 32
JaxuH1 400 290 1025 20 38
RectaH1 190 300 980 20 30


Geroba specializes in making custom mailboxes. Talk to us about your needs or provide us with your idea or sketch and we will be happy to make your custom mailbox.

Some possibilities

  • Other sizes
  • Laser cut name or logo
  • LED lighting
  • Move door or hinges


3 Standard letterboxes in wood

  • Jakki
  • Jaxu
  • Recta