Corten steel or RAL colour? At Geroba you’ll find a wide range of standard products and custom-made products.

Custom-made work

Endless possibilities

Many of Geroba’s products are tailor-made for our clients. Do you want to buy a special element for your garden? An eye-catcher in the public space? We don’t shy away from any challenge.


External services

Installation of letterboxes

Have your mailbox customised and installed? You can!

Laser-cut logos

Your product specifically adapted to your needs?

Standard products and customisation

Geroba is specialized in making products from Corten steel or other metals for the garden. We want to be an all-round partner in realizing your garden project. Besides a focus on custom-made products we also offer a wide range of standard products. A large number of these products are in stock.

With Geroba you have a flexible partner with...

  • An extensive range of standard products in various materials
  • Drawing service for customised projects
  • On-site installation support for professionals and private individuals

FAQ about Corten steel

Rust stains on the terrace?

At the beginning of the rusting process, the Corten steel can give off rust on your terrace. We therefore advise you not to place the products on a light-coloured terrace in the initial phase. Once the oxidation process has been completed (maximum 1.5 years) you can place the product anywhere.

Should you still have rust deposits, these can be more or less successfully removed using a suitable rust remover. Success mainly depends on the agent used, the frequency and the quality of the cleaning.

Corten steel - a special steel

Corten steel is alloyed steel that is given corrosion-resistant properties by the addition of copper, chrome and nickel. This alloy, a dense barrier layer of adhesive sulphates and phosphates, protects the steel so that no further corrosion occurs. Exposed to the weather, this material begins to take on a life of its own. The colours change and create new images.

The steel acquires a rust-like oxidation layer. It forms a protection against further rusting.

The final colour depends on temperature, humidity and the exact position of the product (vertical or horizontal). The formation of the final barrier layer takes approximately one year, depending on the climate.

Corten steel is very strong and therefore lends itself perfectly to garden, landscape and interior. It is also known under the name Cor-Ten or Corten.

Benefits of Corten steel

  • Endless possibilities.
  • Ecological, because it is fully recyclable.
  • Durability. Lasts 10 times longer than ordinary steel.
  • No extra treatment needed. No painting.
  • No extra maintenance.
  • Combination of strength and durability.
  • Suitable for both modern and classic gardens.
  • Excellent price/quality ratio.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors (garden/landscape).
  • As a supplier of quality products for garden and landscape, Geroba only uses Corten steel of quality class A.

Products in Corten steel

GEROBA is the place to go for standard products and custom-made products made of Corten steel. This at a fair price. The products are made for use in the garden or the public space.

The Corten steel products can be made in different plate thicknesses. For the standard products, 2 or 3 mm thick Corten steel plates are usually used. The products can be collected from our warehouse in Wommelgem or delivered by us on site.

Are you looking for inspiration for projects with Corten steel? Then take a look at this page.