Borda Trius Border trays

BORDA Quadrus is a range of square powder-coated aluminium border trays that are available in different sizes and have no base. 

Available in RAL colour of your choice. 

The planters are also available in custom sizes. Please contact us for more information! 



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Product Length Width Height Kg
BordTA1 800 565 300 6
BordTA2 1000 707 300 10
BordTA3 1400 990 300 15

Technical Specifications

  • Walls made of 3 mm thick aluminium, reinforced by welded-on reinforcements for larger containers
  • No base
  • Reinforced corners
  • High frost resistance
  • Double folded edges 50 mm wide
  • Natural material


  • Infinite possibilities
  • No special maintenance of the flower boxes
  • Combination of strength and durability
  • Ecological, because completely recyclable