The Jarri Corten steel decorative forks can be used as name plates in the garden or at a company.

About nameplates

Made of 8 mm thick Corten steel and can be easily “pricked” into the ground.

Easy installation and endless possibilities. Take a look at our offer.

Tailor-made work

Need a tailor-made nameplate? A nameplate for your company? That is possible! Send us the text or logo and we will get to work.


  • 8mm thick Corten steel
  • Simple to install
  • One of a kind
  • No special maintenance
  • Combination of strength and durability
  • Corten steel fits perfectly in both modern and classical gardens or projects
  • Ecological, because completely recyclable
  • Corten steel class A
  • UV- and frost-resistant

Tailor-made work

You can also contact Geroba for tailor-made nameplates.