Corten steel Letterboxes (kopie)

Are you looking for a stylish and functional way to receive your packages and letters safely? Our range of parcel letterboxes includes 10 different models, which guarantees you a choice that seamlessly matches your personal preferences and the aesthetics of your home.

At Geroba we understand that every home is unique, so personalization is key. You can choose to add house numbers and letters to your parcel letterbox, made of high-quality Corten steel or stainless steel (stainless steel). For an even more unique touch, we also offer the option of having numbers or letters lasered directly into your parcel letterbox.

Several other options are possible. This way, the door can be placed in a different location or we can turn the hinges. Or do you want built-in LED lighting? Please note that models with options have a longer delivery time. Geroba can also provide installation for you.

Prefer a different size?


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Product Length Width Height Kg
ColluCZ2 350 350 1200 34
ColluC1 350 350 1000 34
ColluCZ1 350 350 1000 34
ColluZ1 350 350 1000 34
GiftuC1 420 420 950 41
GiftuZ1 420 420 950 41
LitrupaC1 400 300 1000 30
LitrupaZ1 400 300 1000 30
PAKUNC1 300 450 1200 41
PakunZ1 300 450 1200 41

Tailor-made work

Geroba specializes in making custom letterboxes. Discuss your wishes with us or send us your idea or sketch and we will be happy to tailor your parcel letterbox.

Some possibilities

  • Other sizes
  • Laser-cut name or logo
  • LED lighting
  • Separate compartment for packages


12 Standard letterboxes in corten steel

  • Kortu
  • Carta
  • Verma
  • Litru
  • Litru Combo
  • Posta
  • Pakun
  • Giftu
  • Collu
  • Collu Combo Corten
  • Litrupa
  • Letta

All letterboxes are provided with a door with 2 keys. You can also order numbers and letters in Corten steel or stainless steel to personalise your letterbox. These can be glued onto the letterbox. It is also possible to have the letters or numbers lasered out.

Geroba also produces these models in sleek black. An overview of these powder coated metal mailboxes can be found here.

Freestanding letterbox or parcel letterbox, the choice is yours.

The maximum packet dimensions for the parcel letterboxes are:

Pakun 230x230x230mm

Collu – 300x300x420mm

Giftu – 340x340x310mm

Geroba also produces all letterboxes in black. An overview of these powder-coated metal letterboxes can be found here.


  • Combination of strength and durability
  • Corten steel fits perfectly in both modern and classic gardens
  • Ecological, because completely recyclable
  • Corten steel class A
  • UV- and frost-resistant