Taula Ronda Aluminium Watertable

The TAULA Ronda water tables are available in different sizes. They are supplied including pump and LED fountains. 



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Product Length Width Height Kg
TaulaRA1 1200 1200 700 43
TaulaRA2 1000 1200 700 33

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  • Material thickness Aluminium 3mm
  • Including stainless steel waterfall and pump
  • High frost resistance
  • Natural material


Aluminium Taula water tables are produced in 3 types: Square (Quadra), Round (Ronda) and Rectangular-Long (Artesa).

They are delivered including pump, power cable and LED fountain. The water tables are easy to mount on a flat surface.


  • Infinite possibilities
  • No special maintenance
  • Combination of strength and durability
  • Ecological, because completely recyclable

Installation advice Water tables

  • The product should be unpacked immediately after delivery so that any moisture between the packaging and the product is not trapped. This will result in irregular rust and stains
  • The water feature should be installed on a solid and level surface.
  • Lift the top plate. The top plate of the long Artesa water tables is best lifted with 2 people.
  • Pass the cables for the pump and LED fountains through the overflow pipe in the middle so that they exit the water table at the bottom.
  • Connect both plugs to the power supply.
  • If necessary, adjust the flow with the faucet.

Maintenance advice

  • The pH of the water must be 7 (neutral)
  • No chemicals should be added to the water
  • Winter maintenance (freezing weather)
  • Lower the water to at least 10cm below the top edge.
  • Unplug the power cord in case frost occurs.
  • If you meet these conditions, pump can remain in the element. In case of severe frost, we recommend removing the pump and storing it in a heated room.