6 reasons to place corten steel planters in your garden


7 Apr. 2022





Corten steel planters

Planter or no planter. Actually an unmistakable item in every garden and balcony. But where, what material and of course is it durable? These are certainly the inevitable questions. Below I give tips and explanations about corten steel planters, and I like to explain the benefits. Do you think corten steel planters fit your decor?


Determine the boundary

Installing a fence often seems like the only option to create separation in the garden. However, there is still a lot to be said about this. You have several options to choose from, splitting up the garden or defining the boundary with the neighbors. Corten steel planters are creative alternatives. Because of the various sizes and shapes, you can turn any pattern in the garden into a beautiful separation.


Creates atmosphere in the garden

bloembak corten

Atmosphere, experience, cozy, these are the terms with which you want to describe your garden. Atmosphere in the garden is easily created by placing the right planters. Through the playful shapes or clean lines you decide what facelift you want to give your garden.


Corten steel fits nicely with the garden colors

Corten steel has a natural reddish-brown color. The color combination of corten steel with green plants is a unique combo. The remarkable colors are actually beautiful all year round. You can’t go wrong by putting green plants in it or very colorful flowers and plants. The neutral color can handle all other colors!


Maintenance and environmentally friendly

Corten steel planters are an excellent choice should you want to pay as little attention to maintenance as possible. Regular watering is all that needs to be done. Also, corten steel is environmentally friendly. The rusting process is natural and does not harm plants and animals. Corten steel is high quality and durable, making it last for years.


Design item

As I mentioned, you have planters in a variety of shapes and sizes. From square or rectangle to round or conical. Because of the various designs, the planter determines the look of your garden. Sleek/modern or country? I like to give a few tips.

Geroba tips!

  • The Vora planter looks very nice with a traditional or country style.
  • The Vaso, Conica or the Ronda are the perfect choice for a sleek or modern home/garden style.
  • The Artesa and Quadra have a timeless look, which makes them fit with all exteriors.


Transform balcony or terrace into a garden

Do you have a balcony or a roof terrace? Beautiful! By placing corten steel planters with lush plants or an eye-catching tree, you can create a complete custom garden.