Geroba expands letterbox range with 8 new models.


5 May. 2022





We are proud to have become one of the leading manufacturers of letterboxes in just a few years. We try to combine beautiful design with a strong price-quality ratio and that is clearly appreciated. Meanwhile, our letterboxes are sold throughout Europe.

However, we are not sitting still and have expanded our range of letterboxes with 8 new models which we would like to introduce to you.

There are 2 new Corten steel letterboxes: The LitruPa Corten and the Letta. 3 new powder coated models: the Xilta, the Carta White and the LitruPa Black. In addition, we are launching our first wooden mailbox: the Jaxu, the Jakki and the Recta.

New Corten steel letterboxes

Litrupa Pakketbrievenbus CortenstaalThe LitruPa is the little brother of the popular and sturdy Litrumodel. The front is identical, but this time the back features a digital combination lock. You can communicate the code of the lock with your order when placing an online purchase. The courier can open the combination lock and place it securely in the LitruPa.

Letta Cortenstaal Brievenbus

The Letta is a budget-friendly mailbox. Made of 1mm Corten steel, but because of its design still robust.

A Corten steel mailbox is timeless, fits all home styles and requires no maintenance.

New Metal mailboxes

Carta Witte Moderne Brievenbus

You already read that we have expanded our range of letterboxes with wooden models made of Padouk. The Xilta combines Wood with Metal and is undoubtedly one of our favorites. The front is finished with slim vertical Padouk planks. These are incorporated into a black frame made of black powder-coated steel. A beautiful combination!

The Carta White has the same tasted design as the Carta Black. Powder coated in RAL 9010.
Litru Strakke Zwarte Brievenbus

The LitruPa Black is powder coated in RAL 9005. Above you could already read that this parcel postbox is equipped with a special digital number lock.

New Wooden Letterboxes

Last but not least… the Padouk mailboxes!

The Jakki is a minimalistic wooden mailbox with the dimensions 400x290x1025mm. The Jaxu is a wooden parcel post box with a digital lock. You can give the code when purchasing in the online shop. The courier receives it and leaves the parcel safely in the Jaxu mailbox.

The Recta stands out because of its slenderness.  The dimensions of this bus are 300x190x980mm. The opening is covered by a shelf that one can slide aside.

All Padouk mailboxes are provided with a UV protective oil especially for outdoor use.




brievenbus groot

Geroba has been a trendsetter over the past few years in personalizing mailboxes. We think it is important that you receive the mailbox that fits your front yard to the maximum. Moving the door or opening it differently. A special color. Sticking your house number on the mailbox or lasering it out. A name or logo. A custom size? It can be done!

These personalizations are also possible with these new letterboxes. Even with the new wooden mailboxes.