9 inspiring ways to use corten steel in the garden


7 Apr. 2022





Using Corten steel in the garden

Corten steel has been one of the most notable trends in global landscaping over the past few decades. The use of corten steel combines aesthetics and ecology. Whatever style your garden has: rustic, modern, large or small. The possibilities of this material, also known as weather-resistant steel or COR-TEN, are enormous. Below you will find inspiration to get acquainted with various products that are produced with corten.


With the use of a corten steel planter you offer your garden plants protection through all seasons.

The typical rust color of the planters complements the green of the plants. Nature lets the corten steel go its own way, which makes each product unique. For enthusiasts it is also possible to place the planter inside. This requires a special treatment. Please contact our corten steel experts for more information.

By the way, did you know that Corten steel does not need any maintenance or post-treatment?


schutting corten

Not only privacy but also a touch of personality this corten steel fence brings to your garden. Create a cozy corner out of the wind or fence off your garden with these beautiful rust-colored panels.

The warm rust color makes it a sturdy and durable way to separate your garden.  The Gerofence fences can be placed freestanding without the fastening posts being visible. They are also beautiful in combination with a wood storage.

Wood storage

With a corten steel wood storage, efficiency and design go hand in hand. The combination with wood is not only very beautiful, the wood storage can also serve to create separation in the garden. Geroba has 9 standard sizes which are all available with or without a back wall.

The rust that develops on the wood storage protects it from further erosion. This makes them not only strong and durable, but also recyclable.



The eye-catcher of the driveway. Geroba has more than 10 different Corten steel models. To your own taste to put together by means of house number options and lighting. The corten steel mailboxes are timeless and strong.




Create level differences in your garden with the robust and sturdy Corten steel stairs. These are ready-made and easy to assemble. The look of the rusted metal blends effortlessly with the natural elements of the garden landscape.


A clean design but still combine different elements? Cobbles, plants, tiles, grass,… go together in both playful and minimalist (front) gardens. Edge fences are also useful to make height differences, you can choose between 15 and 29 cm high.


Water Elements

Enjoying the soothing sound of water after a long day of work. Unwind in your own garden. An eye-catcher for day and night thanks to the built-in lighting. Due to the variety of models and shapes it can be used in both large and small gardens.



The pedestal is used to accentuate a specific element in the garden. The possibilities for presenting art, flowers, sculptures,… The possibilities to present art, flowers, statues,… are unlimited. With possibly a light under the pedestal it also gives a great effect in the evening. Even a fire bowl can be placed on top to create a fire pit.


Custom-tailored work

The result of remarkable and personal creations. Thanks to the effect of corten steel you will always have a unique and durable eye-catcher. Corten steel is also used to build bridges and containers. This proves its strength and durability. The material can also be found in art.

That the options are unlimited will be clear. For those who are still curious about all the possibilities, feel free to check out our other realizations on our website. Brimming with ideas? Contact us via the quotation form and we will be happy to tell you more about all the options.