Choose a planter in Corten steel


4 Jan. 2021





Planters or flower boxes are available in many different materials. From plastic to aluminium, from ceramics to natural stone. But since a few years there is a new player on the market: corten steel! The warm brown-orange colour of a planter or flower box in Corten steel suits every season and because the rust formation is different for each planter, you are guaranteed to get a unique specimen. Corten steel planters have a tough and timeless look, which makes plants and flowers stand out beautifully. The orange to reddish-brown colour stands out perfectly against purple lavender or combines beautifully with the surrounding green of the garden.

Planters but different

Create your dream garden with Geroba. At Geroba we offer planters in different styles and sizes. From square to round, from rectangular to conical. We even have special herbal planters available. How about a vase-shaped planter? Very trendy and it takes up very little space. Or make a beautiful whole with rectangular planters, filled with all kinds of colourful flowers. Place a round planter on a column, a wall or just on the table and put a nice little planter in it that adds a colourful note. In our extensive collection you are sure to find the right planter for your garden. Let your imagination run wild and combine endlessly. Or would you rather have a made-to-measure planter? No problem, we are happy to take up the challenge and make your garden a real eye-catcher! Click here for more information about customisation.

Trendy and versatile

By the way, flower boxes not only have an aesthetic role, they also serve perfectly as a partition. Would you like to divide your garden into different areas? Then strategically place a few large planters on your terrace, and you immediately have the necessary privacy.

Enrich your garden with a vintage planter in Corten steel and go for the ideal combination of style and quality!