Garden fencing in metal: what are the possibilities?


5 Jan. 2021





With a garden fence in Corten steel or aluminium you can provide your garden with privacy, or you can use it to make a cosy corner of something.

Below you can read:

  1. What different types are available
  2. In which materials the garden fences are available

1. What types of fences are there?

There are many possibilities to make a garden fence in Corten steel or aluminium in your garden. Geroba offers different systems depending on your own preferences and wishes.

In total, we offer 4 different possibilities

A) Gerofence Fences

B) Horna Wall elements

C) Blades separation

D) Jarri ornamental forks

E) Egura Wood storage

A) Gerofence

The Gerofence fence panels in Corten steel or aluminium are available as standard in 4 sizes.

  • 450x1800mm
  • 900x1800mm
  • 450x2000mm
  • 900x2000mm

It is perfectly possible to customise the Gerofence panels in the dimensions that suit your project.

The fences are bolted to Corten steel or aluminium posts. These posts are 2500mm long. They are concreted for at least 450mm. The fixing posts can be mounted in such a way that they are not visible.

It is also possible to provide the fences with a motif. Geroba has 12 standard motifs. If you wish to place your own motif on the fence, we are happy to help you work this out.

B) Horna wall elements

The Horna wall elements are hollow elements of 150mm wide. They have the advantage that LED or other elements can be integrated into them. Besides straight elements there are also other shapes. A curved or wavy finish. Even a door element belongs to the possibilities. Click here for the different shapes and dimensions.

A concrete foundation of at least 40cm thick must be provided for fastening. The Horna wall elements are bolted into the concrete substructure.

C. Slats Corten steel separation

For a garden on the banks of the Dijle in the centre of Mechelen, Geroba made a special fence out of Corten steel slats. This garden fence is playful and efficient at the same time.

When the wind is blowing, the Corten steel plates gently dance along, which gives a special effect in the garden.

As thick sheet material has to be used for the slats, the fence is more expensive than the Gerofence fence or the Horna wall elements.

D) Jarri

The Jarri ornamental forks can be used to demarcate a corner, but they are just as suitable as a nice eye-catcher in the front yard or as a nameplate.

E) Egura wood storage

A last nice option for making a garden fence is to place a wood storage. Filling it with wood will prevent you from looking in.

This is also beautiful in combination with a Gerofence Fence or Horna Wall element.

If you would like to have a look anyway, you can always place one of our cut-outs in the wood storage.

2. In which materials are the fences made?

We use Corten steel or Aluminium as standard. On request, the fences can also be made of stainless steel or steel with a zinc coating.

Corten steel is characterised by its typical rust-orange colour and is extremely durable. The steel is given a rusted oxidation layer. It forms a protection against further rusting. The final colour depends on the temperature, humidity and the precise position of the product (vertically or horizontally). The formation of the final barrier layer takes – depending on the climate – about 1 year. Corten steel does not require any special maintenance. More information about Corten steel can be found at

The aluminium fence panels can be powder coated in a RAL colour of your choice. They are very light and therefore easy to install.