Purchasing a parcel post box? – Corten steel or black


28 Apr. 2022





Reminisce about picking up your packages at the post office or a pickup point? Thankfully, that’s a thing of the past with the parcel post box. This makes an online order not only easy to place, but also easy to receive. Curious about the benefits?


Parcel letterbox by Geroba

Geroba produces more than 20 mailboxes including 11 for parcels. Recently the range was extended with 3 new models. The Litrupa based on Geroba’s popular Litrum model and the Jaxu made of Padouk hardwood.

Why is a parcel post box the future?

Besides the fact that a parcel mailbox is more and more purchased with attention, it is also the evolution of our time. From books and socks to completely new wardrobes, everything is bought online.

Of course, this means that we don’t want to and can’t wait all day for our package. The parcel post box is the perfect solution. Place your order online. Follow your package the next day and suddenly receive a message that it has been delivered. While you are still at work. How easy is that!

What are the benefits of a parcel post box?

  • Receive purchases contactless
  • Pick up at a pickup point is a thing of the past
  • Receive parcels and letters in one box
  • Depending on your purchases, many sizes available
  • No more getting nervous about missing the driver


How does a parcel post box work?

The way it works depends on the different types. The Pakun Collu, Giftu and Jaxu parcel letterboxes have a convenient slide or lid where the courier can safely leave the package. The Litrupa has a digital combination lock. You can leave the code of your lock when ordering the products at the online shop. The courier receives this code and can open the door. After placing the parcel, the courier will close it again so that the parcel is safely in the mailbox.

Collu Black with Corten steel                         Pakun Corten steel                            Giftu Black


Tailor-made parcel post box

For the designer and creative among us, have your mailbox custom-made. Deliver your own design or describe your ideas, and we will immediately get to work for you. No design or idea is too much for us. Gladly even, because our creative side is also happy to be challenged!

Corten steel or steel?

Tot slot blijft de vraag: cortenstaal of staal? Vind je een stoere en speelse design mooi of toch strak en simpel van ontwerp? De stalen gelakte pakjesbrievenbus oogt moderner qua look. 

De cortenstaal pakjesbrievenbus heeft een unieke roodbruine kleur. Het roestproces is geheel afhankelijk van het weer, waardoor elke brievenbus op verschillende manieren roest. 

Doordat cortenstaal volledig nog moet verkleuren, is het een mooie transformatie, om te zien hoe de brievenbus elke dag een nieuwe kleurpatroon krijgt. 

Laat je inspireren en kijk snel op https://geroba.be/en/product-category/letterboxes/