How do I choose the right Corten steel planter? 4 practical tips


5 Jan. 2021





Geroba offers a wide range of Corten steel planters. To choose the right planter you will find some tips that will make your choice easier.

What shape should my planter have?

Create the garden of your dreams with Geroba. At Geroba, we offer planters in various shapes and sizes. From square to round, rectangular to conical. We even have herb planters to grow your own herbs in. How about a vase-shaped planter? This is very trendy and takes up little space. Or make a nice whole with rectangular planters, filled with all kinds of colourful flowers. Place a round planter on a column, a wall or simply on a table and put a beautiful plant in it which provides a colourful accent. In our extensive collection you will certainly find the right planter for your garden. Let your imagination run free and combine endlessly. Do you prefer a custom made planter? No problem, we like to take up the challenge and make your garden a real eye-catcher! Click here for more information about custom-made planters.


Ask whether you want to emphasise the plant or the planter. If you want to place the planter centrally, choose a special shape such as the Ronda, Vaso or Conica. If the plant itself is more of an eye-catcher in your garden, then choose a more neutral shape. Also take into account the other elements in your garden. If you have an austere, modern garden, choose a rectangular or square flower box. If your garden is more playful, you can opt for a more playful shape.

Which dimension or size should my Corten steel planter be?

There are several factors that determine the size of the planter. Of course the size mainly depends on the plant which you are going to pot in the flower box. The plants need space, so that the roots can develop well and there is enough potting soil in the planter. Also take the proportions into account. A plant or tree with a wide crown should be placed in a planter that is in proportion.

The planter can also have the function of separating part of the garden. If this is the case, it is best to opt for a long planter. For example, the Artesa 90x30x80cm is a very handy and frequently used Corten planter to place in your garden or balcony as a fence.

Which soil for my Corten steel planter?

All plants need drainage. That is why all our corten steel planters have holes in the soil so that the water can drain away. In some cases it is not necessary to have a soil. This is mainly the case with very large planters. If you do not want to fill the entire flower box with potting soil, we can also make a made-to-measure planter with a raised bottom.

Do I want to move my Cortentaal planters?

It may be useful in some gardens to move the planter. Castors are then placed under the trough. The type of castors depends on the size and weight of the planter. For companies and public administrations that wish to move large planters, the planters can be designed to be moved with a transpallet or forklift truck.

plantenbak poten cortenstaal

Have you been able to make a choice on this basis? Then request your quote now!