Outdoor wood storage: which one would you buy?


5 Jan. 2021





Do you have a batch of firewood and would you like to stack it in a good and beautiful way? Geroba offers an extensive range of solutions for this. Standard or made to measure. In Corten or in RAL colour of your choice.

Standard: Egura Corten steel timber storage

The standard solution is the EGURA Corten steel timber storage available in 7 different formats. Most EGURA wood storage units are available from stock.

The wood stores are delivered in one piece after they have been professionally welded. So you can immediately put the wood storage in the right place and fill it with wood. The baseplate has drainage holes.

If you would like to take a look through the wood storage or make it a bit more playful, you can place one of our cut-outs in the storage.

In addition to standard products, Geroba also focuses on customization so that you can place the right product in your garden. An Egura wood storage can be adapted to your wishes in various ways.

1. Back wall

A rear wall can be provided in the wood storage so that it is closed on one side.

2. Grid

You want a subdivision in the wood storage. That is possible. Indicate in how many parts the wood storage must be divided, and we will adjust it for you.

3. Dimensions

Would you like a different size than our standard EGURA sizes? Let us know what the desired dimensions are, and we will adjust them for you.

Corten or in RAL colour

In addition to the warm and durable Corten steel, the wood stores are also made in powder coated version. You choose the RAL colour yourself.

As Garden Fence

A wood storage is also a very stylish and inexpensive solution to make a fence in your garden. To create a nice corner or to place a fence between your garden and that of your neighbours.