Purchasing a letterbox? From stock or completely to your liking.


4 Apr. 2022





What should I consider when buying a mailbox?

When buying a mailbox, you should ask yourself several questions before ordering it. After all, the options are very large. In this article, we summarize some of these questions about for you and look at what mailboxes Geroba has for you.


What material to choose for a mailbox?


The most common materials from which mailboxes are made are metal or natural stone. Metal mailboxes come in corten steel, steel, aluminum and stainless steel.  Corten steel mailboxes stand out for their tough character and fit into any front yard. They require no maintenance. The majority of metal mailboxes made of steel, aluminum or stainless steel are powder coated. They are more likely to fit a modern style.

Natural stone mailboxes are mostly made of bluestone or bluestone. Although there are also many imported oriental variants often of inferior quality (China, Vietnam).

Wood is also a hot material from which letterboxes are produced.


Location of the door


The door of most mailboxes is at the back. So is the case with Geroba’s standard models. However, sometimes it is a difficult position because, for example, there is a hedge or other obstacle. At Geroba we can adapt any letterbox to fit exactly in your front yard. Do you want a door on a different side or do you wish the door to open differently and the hinges to be moved? It can be done!

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House number or name on mailbox


On the mailbox one is obliged to provide a house number. This can be done in several ways.

  1. Sticking the house number. You can stick loose house numbers on your mailbox. The house numbers can be found in different materials. Often these are made of metal. In corten steel, stainless steel or powder coated steel.
  2. Cutting out the house number or your name: another way to personalize your mailbox is to cut out or cut out the house number or family name. Behind this cut-out, a Plexiglas plate is provided so that no water can enter through the cut-out letters or numbers.

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Placement of the mailbox

The letterbox must be easily accessible and adjacent to the public road. The opening must be at least 23cm wide and have a height of 3cm.

Package mailbox or not?


There are regular upright mailboxes and parcel mailboxes that you can install. The choice of whether or not to choose a parcel letterbox is usually related to the following questions

  • Am I home a lot or not? If you work at home a lot, a parcel letterbox is less interesting
  • Bend or not? Parcel letterboxes usually have a door at the bottom of the letterbox which means you have to bend your knees to open the door. If you want the door to be higher, it is best to choose a standing model.

Geroba = Letterboxes from stock and personalization


Geroba produces more than 20 different mailboxes. All models are available from stock, but also each standard model is adaptable to your size.

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What customization is possible for my mailbox?

  • Laser marking of the house number and/or name on the letter box
  • Repositioning of the door or hinge
  • A color other than Corten steel or black for the letterbox (RAL 9005)
  • Installation of LED lighting in the letterbox.
  • Modification of the dimensions
  • A corporate mailbox with different openings, a logo, multiple doors….