What is Corten steel?


4 Jan. 2021





Corten steel is easily recognisable by its rusty, orange-brown colour. It is often used for buildings, bridges and walls, but in recent years you can also find more and more Corten steel in the garden. Corten steel is a metal alloy consisting of iron, copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel and chromium. Oxidation ensures that the top layer of the alloy rusts and otherwise does not allow oxygen to pass through. Sun, snow and ice do not get a grip on Corten steel, making it last up to 10 times longer than steel. Moreover, it requires no further maintenance. A win-win situation!

Corten steel in the garden

Corten steel is a very versatile material. Here are a few ideas on how to integrate Corten steel into your garden.

Corten steel_garden

1. Corten steel as decoration and design

The rust effect makes Corten steel extremely suitable as decoration. The orange-brown colour provides a warm and romantic touch and forms a nice contrast with brighter colours such as grass green or lavender purple. Corten steel also fits perfectly in rock gardens or as a border in a lush herb garden. If you have a sloping garden, Corten steel can also divide the garden into different levels. Corten steel fits in every garden. Modern gardens benefit from straight shapes and clear lines, while graceful rose arches are a perfect match for a romantic garden. Or how about small waterfalls? Thanks to the weather resistance of Corten steel, this material is extremely suitable for ponds and water tables. Between the fresh greenery and small statues, corten steel surely attract attention.

2. Corten steel as a fence

Thanks to Corten steel fences, you can easily and stylishly screen yourself from unwanted eyes from the outside. Do you want to create different spaces in your garden? Then Corten steel also offers the ideal solution.

3. Corten steel for warmth

As a stove, lantern or fire basket, the natural charm of Corten steel ensures cosiness and comfort on your terrace. At Geroba, we offer Corten steel planters, borders, wood storage, fences, fire elements and water elements, either in standard form or made to measure. The choice is yours!

What are the advantages of Corten steel?

1. Corten steel is durable

After oxidation, Corten steel does not allow any further oxygen. The rust layer provides a protective layer that helps to extend the life of Corten steel. Your wood storage, flower boxes or partitions therefore need to be replaced less often. Because of its chemical composition, Corten steel is also highly heat-resistant and therefore ideal for fire baskets. Corten steel is the perfect material for your garden!

2. Corten steel requires no maintenance

The protective rust layer ensures that you do not have to paint or oil Corten steel. You place Corten steel in your garden and nature does its work. As soon as your Corten steel is outside, a layer of rust will automatically appear. Once the outer layer is completely oxidised (this can take up to a year and a half), the underlying steel can no longer be affected by oxygen.

3. Corten steel looks good

The orange-brown look is popular with landscape architects for a good reason. Corten steel gives a warm, beautiful look to your product. The colour is also unique and depends on the weather, humidity and sunlight.

4. Corten steel is trendy

The industrial style is on the rise. You will not only find this trend in restaurants, offices or trendy coffee shops, also in your home and garden this style is now completely “trendy”. Corten steel fits perfectly into this picture. It is robust, functional and at the same time looks tough and sober. Corten steel is a very attractive, rusty material, extremely suitable for the garden. Give your garden a durable, tough and trendy makeover with Geroba today!