Which edging should I use for my project?


5 Jan. 2021





Which Corten steel edging to use for your garden?

With Cortenedge Corten steel edging, you can easily create sleek, beautiful borders. Our customers often ask us which border to use for their specific application. In total, Geroba has 8 different types. There is a choice between

  • Flat or set edges
  • 15 or 29cm height
  • Material thickness of 2 or 3mm

Choice of edging

Do you want tight, straight borders or do you prefer playful, curved shapes? The flat edge closures are pliable and can be used to create curved shapes. The set lace fasteners have a U-profile and have a top edge width of 2 cm. They can therefore not be folded, but can be perfectly used for straight edges.

The height of the edging depends on the application and your personal preference. If you wish to create a difference in height, you can opt for 15 or 29 cm depending on the height. If you have a planter at the same height as the lawn, use the 15 cm borders with only the top surface visible.

By default, there is a choice between borders with a material thickness of 2 or 3 mm. On request, thicker materials are also possible. The thickness of edging depends on the type of application. If you wish to mark off a path or lawn, it is best to opt for 2 mm. If you want to edge a driveway, and it is possible to drive over it, you can opt for 3 mm.

Placement of the edging

Installing the Cortenedge is very simple. After you have dug out the planned soil, you can use the Piket piles to connect 2 drillings to each other and secure them to the ground at the same time. There are 3 picket piles per edge lock for a firm anchoring in the ground.

It is also possible to shorten the edge closures. Then use a metal grinding disc to cut them to the desired length.

It is not necessary to provide a concrete foundation first.

What about corners?

For all types of edgings: flat/set, 15/29 cm, 2/3 mm we have matching corner pieces with a length of 30 cm. If you need a corner with a different size, it can be custom-tailored.

Planning service

If you have a garden plan, and you’d like to know how many edgings you need, or you would like our advice? Send us your plan and we will calculate it.

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