Edge fences, what’s the point?


7 Apr. 2022





Edging Corten

The garden has been redone. Beautiful new plants, wonderful planters and also a real eye-catcher that you are very happy with. Yet there is something missing in the garden. A detail is missing, but what could that be?

The finishing touch 

A beautifully filled garden and yet you miss a small detail that often makes a big difference. Cortensteel borders or edgings are such a detail. It breaks up an area or gives extra definition among all the greenery. Because corten steel fits beautifully with the green color of the garden, it gives a nice contrast.

Edge fences, what are the advantages?

Edge fences are not only beautiful in the garden, but there are practical aspects as well.

  • It creates an enclosure between a gravel path with the lawn
  • It defines the surface of your vegetable garden and the rest of the plantings.
  • It is also the perfect solution to neatly finish off various heights.


Creating organic shapes

Straight lines in the garden is nice, but organic shapes are more playful. By using the flat borders, you are going to be able to play with the shapes of your garden much more.


Simple, fast and durable

The edge fences are simple items to place. With the simple picket system, placement is done quickly.

Tip: Create a little garden in your garden. Use the set edging to still create a piece of green in a paved garden.



Flat or set?

The corten steel edging is available in 2 versions; flat or set. Depending on the location, both can be used. The flat version is easy to form into organic shapes.

The set version is ideal for straight sections. Because there is a fold at the top, it offers extra strength. Placement is done in the same way as the flat one.