Corten steel: trends and benefits


4 Jan. 2021





Using Corten steel in the garden is undeniably one of the most important garden trends of recent decades. In our opinion, there are two main reasons for this: people are looking for sustainable materials and Corten steel fits in every type of garden.

Corten steel as a durable material

Corten steel is also used as a material in bridge building or shipbuilding and has a very long life span. In addition, Corten steel is a pure steel without additional protective layers. This makes it easy to recycle again.

Corten steel, unlike other types of steel, does not require post-treatment. It does not need to be painted to protect it from corrosion. In other words, no toxic substances are released during application and there will be no paint waste products during maintenance or recycling.

Corten steel for both modern and classic gardens

Corten steel has the advantage of being very versatile. The possibilities are endless. A wood storage, water element, fence or a planter. There are dozens of product options in Corten steel to give your garden an extra dimension.

It can be used in a very austere garden, but has its place just as well in a more classic garden.

What are the trends for 2020?


We noticed a striking trend among our clients to provide more water in the garden. Often in the form of a soothing pond element. These ponds can be dug in or integrated at full height into the garden.


More than ever we are aware that our little friends love our garden as much as we do. Butterflies, bees, ladybirds and toads. Provided that the right plants are planted, each garden offers a refuge for our local flora and fauna.

By placing a Corten steel plate with Cortenedge edge closures or one of our planters, we give the animals a helping hand and make the garden extra welcoming!

What’s new for 2020?

Geroba also has a lot of novelties in store for 2020. For example, our range of letterboxes will be greatly expanded. No less than 4 new models will be added so that you can choose from a total of 7 types of letterboxes. Hereby also 2 parcel letterboxes. In addition to Corten steel, all models are also available in a sleek black colour.

In addition to the Egura wood storage we are launching the playful HONNI wood storage. This honeycomb wood storage is modular and can be extended.
Finally, the Egura wood storage units in Corten steel are now also available in dark black RAL 9005.
In the course of the year other articles will be added to the range so keep an eye on our website.

Personalised products: for your project!

In addition, we focus more than ever on customisation. Examples?

  • You would like to order one of our letterboxes, but you would like to have your house number lasered out? For a small surcharge we will make the letterbox that fits your home perfectly.
  • You want to place a pond in the garden, but you want a certain connection for a pump in a specific place? Or a partition wall to create a filter section. Contact us, and we will be happy to help you!
  • The wood storage you wish to place for dry wood storage has a special size. Provide us with the dimensions, and we will get to work.